• ionopure 1200 - 600 ml (20 oz.) Spray Bottle

ionopure 1200 - 600 ml (20 oz.) Spray Bottle

  • $6.99

ionopure 1200 contains all the power of bleach with none of the harmful side effects.

  • Up to 200x more effective than bleach but 100% safe for you and your family.
  • No harsh chemicals, toxic residue, or fumes.
  • Packaged in a reusable, refillable bottle for maximum product freshness and sustainability. 

  • Approved for use in the ionoMAX power mister

Should I use ionopure 800 or ionopure 1200?

ionopure 800 is for everyday use around the house - doorknobs, light switches, kitchen counters, bathroom vanity, etc. 

ionopure 1200 is incredibly powerful. Typical use would include treating surfaces with mold, stubborn grout stains, bodily fluids, etc.

Ingredients: 99% water, 1% HOCl/free available chlorine

Click here to see independent lab results testing the efficacy of ionopure.


See our convenient, refill pouches for future use so you can protect the planet while you eliminate germs and bacteria.