• Degreaser - Refill Pouch

Degreaser - Refill Pouch

  • $6.59

Take off your gloves and fight dirty with ionopure.

  • ionopure Degreaser is a natural, powerful solution that cuts through even the toughest grease without fumes, residue, or damage.
  • Extremely effective on stovetops, floors, ovens, grills, & range hoods, it can even be used to eliminate serious stains on upholstery and carpets (even coffee).
  • 100% non-toxic and safe for children and pets, safe for food contact on counters, appliances, and surfaces.
  • Sustainable packaging designed with the planet in mind.

97% water, 2% potassium hydroxide, 1% organic surfactant

Ditch single-use plastics. Refill your reusable spray bottle with this convenient, recyclable refill pouch.