• Starter Pack

Starter Pack

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Take off your gloves and fight dirty with ionopure! This Starter Pack includes everything you need to keep your home happy and healthy.

Pack Includes:

ionopure 800 Bottle and Pouch - This non-toxic, natural solution is as powerful as bleach while being 100% safe around kids and pets. Perfect for doorknobs, faucets, countertops, tables, chairs, switches, and cutting boards. Use on soft surfaces to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Glass Cleaner - Perfect for a residue-free clean on glass, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, plastics, floors, and granite.

Degreaser - Cut through tough grease without fumes, residue, or surface damage. Extremely effective on stovetops, floors, ovens, grills, & range hoods, it can even be used to eliminate serious stains on upholstery and carpets (even coffee). 

Produce Wash - Keep harmful bacteria and germs out of your diet while you keep your produce crisper, fresher, longer.
See our convenient refill pouches for future use so you can protect the planet while you keep your home healthy.

Click here to see independent lab results testing the efficacy of ionopure.