• Purity Air System Bundle

Purity Air System Bundle

  • $89.99

Bundle Includes one (1) Purity Air-Sanitizing Unit and one (1) 2-pack of ionopure Air. Note: These two items are shipped in separate boxes and may arrive on separate days.

Purity Air-Sanitizing Unit - The ionopure Purity Air-Sanitizing Unit is brilliantly designed to deliver a steady mist of ionopure Air into every corner of the room, treating both the air and surfaces. The Purity Unit holds 4.5 liters and covers up to 5,000-sq. ft. of open space (up to 50 people).

ionopure Air 2 pk. - 2 Liter Pouches - ionopure Air is produced with technology that uses a gentle electrical current to change the molecular structure of a simple saltwater solution. The result is HOCl, or hypochlorous, the same substance the human body produces to fight germs.

Is it safe?

It is completely non-toxic and can be used around people, pets, plants, and food. It contains no harsh chemicals, has no added fragrances, and leaves no sticky residue.

How does it sanitize the room?

Think of it like a swimming pool. Germs can’t spread in a swimming pool because of the chlorine. When a room is filled with a mist of HOCl (“chlorine”), germs can’t thrive on surfaces or in the air. 

Does it kill SARS-CoV-2?

The ionopure Purity System has been tested by a third-party lab* which proved it kills 99.999% of a SARS-CoV-2 surrogate on surfaces and 95.7% in the air!

Click here to see independent lab results testing the efficacy and safety of ionopure.

How long does one pouch last?

One 2-liter pouch will last approximately 5 hours on high, 9.5 hours on medium, and 14 hours on low.

Watch the video below to see how to set-up the ionopure Purity System, and when and where to use it.

*Human Coronavirus (OC43) Reduction Efficacy in Enclosed Room by Vaporized Oxidant Agent, Conducted by BCS Laboratories, Inc., Gainesville, FL, George Lukasik, Ph.D., Laboratory Directory (June 2020)