• "First of all, thank you for this product. Our clubs are already showing themselves cleaner and healthier! What really impressed me was our coffee stained sink here in our offices. I was looking at the brown stainless steel sink and decided to try your product on it because it had worked so well in our clubs. I will just say, I wish I had taken a photo of the sink before cleaning it! It looks great with ALL the brown stain removed.”
    - Bruce Crabtree


ionopure cleaning solutions are produced with technology that uses a gentle electrical current to change the molecular structure of a simple saltwater solution. The result? The most powerful cleaners on the planet -- Hypochlorous acid and Potassium Hydroxide. Hypochlorous acid is the same substance the human body produces to fight germs and has all of the horsepower of bleach with none of the hazards. Potassium hydroxide is a potent de-greaser that breaks down even the toughest grease. Our solutions are perfectly balanced to utilize the full force of these elements while keeping you safe and providing pure clean.

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